KARMAKONUT Helps You To Resale Your Property In Turkey.

Considering a huge number of foreign people living and investing in Turkey these days, many of these international investors have bought properties before and they may sell it again for any reason. Reasons including immigration to a new destination country, having another type of property in Turkey and they may need the real amount of their property value in cash for a personal reason.

Since KARMAKONUT concern is to prepare ease and satisfaction not only for the purchasing time but also whenever you want to resale in a short time with a good logical price.

For a better KARMAKONUT implementation please send us the information required below in details.
1- fill in all the blank parts with the correct information.
2- in the (your message) blank part type all the details about your property ( including: building floors, your flat floor no. Gross square meter, net square meter, rooms quantity, balcony, open or closed kitchen, number or washrooms and bathrooms) and any other important information needed for selling your property better.
3-Uploud decent pictures of your property:
_External Pictures (including: building, Garden, Entrance & lobby, street front)
_İnternal pictures (including: rooms, kitchen, saloon, bathroom, balcony)
4- A picture of the Tapu, a picture of your passport.

After confirming the eligibility of your property as a KARMAKONUT resale portfolio, our sales advisor will contact you and we will make an appointment to visit you for an exclusive sales service with all details and official contract.

Business interactions
(This is a feature just belonging to individual sellers, if you are a commercial company working in real estate sector, or if you are a real estate agent trying to sell your portfolios, please DO NOT fill this form. You can contact Us by this Email Address [email protected] for further collaboration. )


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